raseberries ketones does dr oz recommends?

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Can Raspberry Ketones Help You Lose Weight?
If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect weight loss system for you, it’s time to take a better look at raspberry ketones! The compound that turns on the body’s natural fat burning processes has been isolated in a lab, proven to work in people. Dr. Oz and Lisa Lynn have both dedicated time to the benefits, and here we’re going to learn more about how it works and if it’s right for you.
Willpower became addicted to junk food at a zumba instructor. In two years, Neil Burns, 44, managed to lose 167.5 kg. Today with 140.5 kg, his goal is to reach 122.5 kg. Born in Richmond, Kentucky, United States, Burns says that for 21 years has consumed about 10,000 calories per day on junk food and got to the point of not being able to move more right. “It was very sad,” he said. The information is from the Daily Mail .
The change began when he climbed on the scales and saw his weight. “It was like a huge weight being thrown on top of me,” said the then morbid obesity of 1.95 m, which was seen in a “prison” in the house because he could not walk. “Since then, I started the diet and I never stopped.”
And the formula was not anything too special, just diet and exercise. He still eats snacks – but turkey. He traded the 24 daily sodas and fries for spinach salad with chicken and protein shakes. Somewhere around 1800 calories per day.
As for exercise, do two sessions per day: weight training and cardio to lose fat. He estimates that with this, can lose up to one thousand calories per day. But he did not stop there. Burns began attending classes in Zumba, a Latin dance exercise, and liked it so much that today is one of the instructors.
Not to be discouraged, the U.S. has created some tactics. For example, the faithful friend that connects every time he lack the gym, or ever admit to yourself when you quit the diet. But what most inspires your list of 37 activities that could not do before, with 308 kg, but now can. For example, using the vacuum cleaner, sit in a chair that has arms or sit in the passenger seat of a sports car.
Today is Burns motivational speaker and adds, “there’s nothing you can not do if you want too. His heart, mind, body and soul.”
The tennis star Anna Kournikova was asked to be the new coach of the reality show The Biggest Loser (The big loser), aired by Fox in Brazil and told U.S. magazine Glamour what are the three essential tips for anyone looking to lose weight.
Sleep is as important as working out: according to tennis, “sometimes an extra hour of sleep is more important than going to the gym, if you know you will benefit from the rest the next day,” he suggested.
You do not need gym: “grew up in the Soviet Union between the 80 and 90 and did not have gyms there. Malhávamos with what we had, then you can also do this. You just need a sneaker and a top to begin running or jumping rope for ten minutes – a great exercise, “taught.
Move: Anna reminded that physical activity brings energy and confidence. “It’s easy to incorporate this routine into your life if you do it well rather than postpone and feel guilty,” he said.

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