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The actor interpreter Hannibal Lecter surprised the world by appearing with a body totally renovated. To accomplish this feat in less than two years, the actor did not have to follow any diet based on the peculiar taste of psychopathic doctor, but said it was practically forced by his wife to reduce the amount of calories eaten.
In an interview with American newspaper “New York Post,” Hopkins, who is 73 years old, confessed that largely responsible for the weight loss was Stella Arroyave, who is 18 years younger than the actor. “My wife is not a dictator, but she did follow the rules. Unlike mass, but as a sandwich eventually,” said the newspaper.
To reach the impressive mark, he had to change the power and began attending the gym about six times a week. “I was addicted to bread, cookies, everything. I love all the bad stuff,” he said.
Today, Anthony Hopkins follows a daily diet of 800 calories at most and depend wife, he will remain in good shape.
Device installed in the stomach causes a stimulus that passes information to the brain that the person has eaten enough. Experts say the technology can help obese patients learn to control their weight without the need of stomach reduction surgery. The information is from the Daily Mail .
The implant detects when food is eaten and sends signals to the brain to create the impression of fullness. The device, which costs about $ 17 000, is placed through surgery.
Initially, use is recommended for obese – those with a body mass index of 30 or more. However, scientists say the technology can also be offered for those who are overweight, to avoid obesity.
The Abiliti, manufactured in the USA, is connected to a lead, a food sensor and an electrode. When someone eats with implantation, the sensor is activated and sends a signal to the device that sends a series of mild electrical pulses to the electrode. The process triggers hormonal changes that trick the brain into thinking that the urge is full.

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