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The Christmas and New Year dinners usually offer tempting dishes and is difficult to control. Want to learn how to eliminate the excesses of fun ways? The site Body + Soul listed six tips to burn 200 calories. Check below:
1 – Prolong Sex
On average, couples have sex for 11 minutes, which does not give a lot of calories goodbye. The sexologist Gabrielle Morrissey suggests reserving two hours in the morning to the moment the two. Of course it’s important to choose positions that remain active.
2 – Go to the beach
one day by the sea can be equivalent to a resistance training fun. According to coach Amelia Burton, you can burn 200 calories just walking in the sand for 30 minutes.
3 – Bathe the pet
Forget ease the pet shop. Bathe your dog for 45 to 50 minutes is a relaxed way to say goodbye to 200 calories, as reported by Lee Campbell of Pacific Health and Fitness . Run behind the animal to catch it, keep squatting while the scrub and rinse. If you have time on your hands, do not use a towel to dry it. Take him to a brisk 10 minutes.
4 – Take advantage of post-Christmas deals to go buy
For those who enjoy shopping, good news: 45 minutes spent walking behind carrying bags and products can burn 200 calories. The coach Amelia remembers it interesting by replacing the conventional escalators. Forget the idea of stopping and eating treats.
5 – Play game
A game interactive video game is a good thing to burn calories at home. Choose between golf games, bowling, tennis, and especially dance. According to Dean Piazza, director of Get Fit and Home Gym Equipment , an option that keeps a person moving eliminates 200 calories in half an hour.
6 – Take care of the garden
take care of the garden. “Working outdoors for 45 minutes is equivalent to burning 200 calories,” said Piazza. Do not forget the sunscreen, right?

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