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Sunday, June 30th, 2013

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The DASH diet associated with reduced risk of breast cancer

A recent study suggests that women who have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, similar to the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension – DASH stands for), may have a lower risk of breast cancer.
The DASH diet was developed to reduce blood pressure by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the U.S. government). The diet encourages people to increase their consumption of vegetables, fruits and low-fat dairy products while decreasing the consumption of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. The DASH diet has been well studied, is approved by most medical experts, and is backed by a number of reputable health organizations, including the American Heart Association.
In a new study, researchers analyzed data from 86.621 postmenopausal women who participated in the Nurses’ Health Study ( Nurses’ Health Study ), including data from seven questionnaires about the frequency of food consumption between 1980 and 2006, to evaluate the possible association between dietary habits and the risk of breast cancer. During a follow-up period of 26 years, were reported 5.522 cases of breast cancer. Of the cases reported, 3314 were positive for estrogen receptors and 826 were negative for the estrogen receptor.
The researchers found that maintaining a diet similar to the DASH diet was associated with a significantly reduced risk of breast cancer. They reported that this result appeared, largely due to the high content of fruits and vegetables in the diet. They found that high consumption of vegetables and low carbohydrate intake were associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer in general, and that high intake of fruit and vegetables low in protein were associated with a reduced risk of cancers negative for estrogen receptors. The researchers also reported that there was no relationship between tumors positive for estrogen and consumption of fruits and vegetables.
Further studies are needed to better understand these results.
For more information on the DASH diet, please visit our Dictionary of Remedies and Natural Treatments developed in collaboration with Natural Standard, or use the search box at the top right.

This brief report is intended for informational purposes only. Its purpose is to help users better understand health concerns. This information is not intended as specific medical advice. Before making treatment decisions, users should consult with a qualified healthcare provider for specific answers to your questions regarding therapies, diagnosis and / or disease.

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Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

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The vitamins that children need
Since we are children, we heard that vitamins are essential for health. We have warned us to eat our vegetables and fruits we forget because they are loaded with vitamins. However, few people know actually define them and why they are so important to grow healthy and strong.
“Eat your salad, which is full of vitamins!” – You’ve heard from your parents and now you will repeat the same thing to your children. However, few people actually know what are the famous vitamins. Instinctively, we know that are in the food and can also be purchased vials containing them in pill form, to take them as a supplement. We also know that are essential for health. But what are vitamins for sure?
Vitamins are compounds necessary for life: our body needs to function. They are in the food we eat, but some people, even with a healthy diet, take supplements to ensure they get their daily dose of vitamins. The reason for this to happen is that many essential vitamins to stay healthy are not manufactured or synthesized by the body. That is, that you can only obtain them through diet and supplements.
In the case of children, vitamins are an important issue. It is at this stage of life where we develop and grow rapidly. Therefore, it is essential that children’s diet is rich in vitamins. How? The key is to eat different foods, as each contains different vitamins. Variety is the pleasure and also the vitamins you need.
Children who need to take vitamin supplements should do so on the recommendation of the doctor, because excess vitamins can be dangerous.
But now that you know that are essential, how about if we study closely what vitamins you need and what role in the body?
Vitamin A is necessary for good vision or n, teeth, mucous membranes and soft tissues of healthy skin. É n also known as retinol because it produces the pigments in the retina of the eye. It is found in fortified milk, the h t g ado, vegetables and orange fruit (mel or sand n t a, carrots) and dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach)
B vitamins: include vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, niacin, ido f or c to l ico, biotin, to c é n ico pantot gone. They are essential for metabolism, or in other words, to help your body to have energy Ia and release it when needed. Tambi é n help the creation of the df or n or b ulos cells, which carry the ox t g ene throughout the body. They are found in whole grains, fish and seafood, eggs, chicken and meat, milk and its derivatives; fr i j ols (or beans) and Ch i c Haros (peas) and green leafy vegetables .
Vitamin C is essential for the body’s tissues as enc i a m s to keep u s ass in good shape. In addition to s, helps heal wounds and fight infections. The fruits are in c i t rich (orange, tangerine), strawberries (strawberries), or br c oli, tomatoes, kiwi and peppers (j t is) red.
Vitamin D: It is essential to have strong bones and teeth. In addition to s, helps your body absorb calcium. The body can create when exposed to the sun, or I n can also be obtained from fish, fortified milk, egg yolks, h i g ado, fortified cereal.
Vitamin E: This vitamin protects your c e l ulas your tissues and gives you ñ caused by free radicals (an antioxidant). It is important for the health of red ulos gl or b. Can be found in whole grains, wheat germ, green leafy vegetables, vegetable oils like sunflower, canola and olive oils, nuts and seeds, and egg yolks.
Vitamin K: when you cut and you get blood, vitamin K, comes to the rescue. Is she responsible for blood clotting, so there is no bleeding. Can be found in green leafy vegetables, products l a c TEOS, or br c oli and soybean oil.
To ensure that your children are consuming all the vitamins they need to stay strong and healthy, I suggest you make that your dish is like a rainbow. The variety of colors in vegetables, fruits and proteins is an indicator that you’re eating well and balanced way.
What can you do if you’re not sure (a) if your child (a) is consuming the necessary vitamins? Sometimes, many children can be difficult to eat. However, according to experts in the field, that does not eat “everything” does not necessarily mean you are deficient in their nutrition. Many foods like cereal, orange juice and milk fortified with vitamins today as the D and other nutrients such as calcium. So it may be that your child (a) has no nutritional problems but worry for not eating enough. However, it is a good idea to talk to the pediatrician or in the event that your child (a):
In as regularly as balanced meals
Be alg One problem of growth or development
Please ú n alg eating disorder
Be the é r cal (a) alg ú n food
Not getting enough sunlight to manufacture vitamin D
Bring a vegetarian or ” vegan “as he is called in ENGL é s
In these cases may be necessary for the child or the child may need to take a vitamin supplement.
Always consult with a qualified (your doctor or a registered dietitian) if you have questions about proper nutrition for your children and do your best to include a variety of foods in your daily diet, as vitamins are essential for good health. And also remember that many times it may seem that your child (a) does not eat, but in reality he or she eats more than you think, even if they are picky eaters . Children swing their meals over a period of several days, no food for food or even day by day. In addition, there are many fun things you can do with food to eat a variety of food and must be at a healthy weight, not “fat” to be healthy.

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Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

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The actor interpreter Hannibal Lecter surprised the world by appearing with a body totally renovated. To accomplish this feat in less than two years, the actor did not have to follow any diet based on the peculiar taste of psychopathic doctor, but said it was practically forced by his wife to reduce the amount of calories eaten.
In an interview with American newspaper “New York Post,” Hopkins, who is 73 years old, confessed that largely responsible for the weight loss was Stella Arroyave, who is 18 years younger than the actor. “My wife is not a dictator, but she did follow the rules. Unlike mass, but as a sandwich eventually,” said the newspaper.
To reach the impressive mark, he had to change the power and began attending the gym about six times a week. “I was addicted to bread, cookies, everything. I love all the bad stuff,” he said.
Today, Anthony Hopkins follows a daily diet of 800 calories at most and depend wife, he will remain in good shape.
Device installed in the stomach causes a stimulus that passes information to the brain that the person has eaten enough. Experts say the technology can help obese patients learn to control their weight without the need of stomach reduction surgery. The information is from the Daily Mail .
The implant detects when food is eaten and sends signals to the brain to create the impression of fullness. The device, which costs about $ 17 000, is placed through surgery.
Initially, use is recommended for obese – those with a body mass index of 30 or more. However, scientists say the technology can also be offered for those who are overweight, to avoid obesity.
The Abiliti, manufactured in the USA, is connected to a lead, a food sensor and an electrode. When someone eats with implantation, the sensor is activated and sends a signal to the device that sends a series of mild electrical pulses to the electrode. The process triggers hormonal changes that trick the brain into thinking that the urge is full.

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Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

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Want to give a boost to your diet? These foods will help you fight fat and still leave you satiated for longer, making you consume fewer calories. In the list, published by site Health , to enter dark chocolate, which has a higher lowest amount of cocoa and sugar and milk. Egg, potato, pine nuts, skim milk, goat cheese and orange are other options tasty and nutritious. Check out.
78 calories / each
egg is no longer the villain. Besides being a potent nutritional source, contains a protein that gives feeling of satiety. Eat eggs for breakfast, they will curb your appetite so you eat 330 calories less than usual throughout the rest of the day.
Tip: For a healthier fried egg, grease a nonstick skillet with a little oil. The egg will be crunchy and not much fat.
Dark chocolate
170 grams calorias/28
There are many large positives. By eating dark chocolate, therefore you will eat less at your next meal, according to research from the University of Copenhagen. Why? Compounds in chocolate slow down digestion, making you feel more satiated. A small piece of chocolate (a square the size of a business card) can also curb your cravings for salty, sweet and fatty.
95 calorias/14gramas
fatty acids for healthy heart found in pinion stimulate satiety hormones, according to Korean researchers. The same fatty acids also help fight belly fat.
Goat cheese
76 grams calorias/28
The fresh goat cheese contains a dose of conjugated linoleic acid, which collaborates on satiety and also helps burn fat. Cheese from grass-fed animals have more conjugated linoleic acid.
Skimmed milk
86 calories / 1 cup
proteins contained in skim milk make you feel more satisfied than sugary drinks. Linoleic acid present helps fight fat.
59 calories / 1 unit
Orange is in first place ranking in the category of satiety index, a list of 38 foods analyzed by Australian researchers. Its fibers help fight fat and who eat more fiber have less flab.
161 calories / 1 unit
By having high carbohydrate, potatoes are frowned on. However, the food is in the list of providing greater feeling of satiety. In addition, the starch in the potato help the body burn calories.

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Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

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With the approach of Christmas and New year and summer, grows the temptation to succumb to crash dieting to lose weight. But many diets “fashion”, though endorsed and practiced by celebrities, some are recommended by experts.
The British Dietetic Association (BDA, its acronym in English) published on Thursday (22) the list (compiled annually) that considers the five diets more “suspicious”, to be avoided by people:
5 – The diet book 6 Weeks to OMG: the title of the book The Venice Fulton can be translated as “Six weeks for you to say ‘Oh my God.’” The addendum promises: “Get thinner than all your friends.” Diet, explains the BDA suggests exercise early in the morning (after a dose of black coffee), followed by a cold bath to stimulate the body to burn fat accumulated. Breakfast, only later, at 10am. The author argues that “some fruit block fat loss”, rejects small meals throughout the day and defends proteins.
But the BDA says that nobody will have “the time and energy to follow this diet” and criticizes the book for “select research instead of (offering) a balanced view of how the routine of many people can not accommodate” the commandments of the author. It also supports the inclusion of a “breakfast” healthy and opposes character “competitive” diet, claiming it encourages the “extreme behavior”.
4 – Diet “Alcorexia” is identified as a diet commonly practiced by top models and celebrities, consist of eating too few calories during the day to “save” space to drink large amounts of alcohol.
The diet is called “crazy” by the BDA for not providing adequate amounts of calories, vitamins and nutrients needed to “survive and function.” “You will feel tired, weak, irritable and easily without power,” warns the association. “Avoid food to give rise to alcohol is absolutely stupid and can easily result in an alcoholic coma or even death.”
3 – Diet intravenous, or “IV Drip Party Girl”: bags of saline are used in hospitals to feed and medicate patients in hospitals. But this method is used in a diet in which pays expensive for receiving, intravenously, a solution that typically include vitamins, magnesium and calcium.
But the BDA argues, “there is little evidence that it works.” Furthermore, side effects may include dizziness, infections, inflammation of veins and, in the latter case, anaphylactic shock. If it is to ingest nutrients, the organization suggests that this occurs via “traditional” by eating healthy food and drink.
2 – Diet Congenital Enteral Nutrition (KEN): also identified as a “celebrity diet”, KEN diet consists of eating nothing. “Instead, for ten days of a cycle, a liquid formulation is released directly into the stomach through a plastic tube that reaches the patient’s nose” explains the association.
The BDA says, but that naso-gastric tubes were actually created for people with chronic diseases and criticizes its use for weight loss. And highlights a serious side effect: the followers of this diet will probably have to take laxatives, since there will also ingest fibers.
1 – Dukan Diet: the diet is based on the consumption of protein and is divided into four phases – the first promising “immediate results” and the following reinforcing and consolidating weight loss. But, according to BDA, “there is little science behind” diet. “She works with the restriction of foods, calories and portion control. Cutting food groups is not advisable. Diet is so confusing, rigid and so time-consuming that, in our opinion, it is very difficult to sustain.”
The association adds that the author himself Diet, Pierre Dukan, “warns collateral problems such as lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.”

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Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

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The Christmas and New Year dinners usually offer tempting dishes and is difficult to control. Want to learn how to eliminate the excesses of fun ways? The site Body + Soul listed six tips to burn 200 calories. Check below:
1 – Prolong Sex
On average, couples have sex for 11 minutes, which does not give a lot of calories goodbye. The sexologist Gabrielle Morrissey suggests reserving two hours in the morning to the moment the two. Of course it’s important to choose positions that remain active.
2 – Go to the beach
one day by the sea can be equivalent to a resistance training fun. According to coach Amelia Burton, you can burn 200 calories just walking in the sand for 30 minutes.
3 – Bathe the pet
Forget ease the pet shop. Bathe your dog for 45 to 50 minutes is a relaxed way to say goodbye to 200 calories, as reported by Lee Campbell of Pacific Health and Fitness . Run behind the animal to catch it, keep squatting while the scrub and rinse. If you have time on your hands, do not use a towel to dry it. Take him to a brisk 10 minutes.
4 – Take advantage of post-Christmas deals to go buy
For those who enjoy shopping, good news: 45 minutes spent walking behind carrying bags and products can burn 200 calories. The coach Amelia remembers it interesting by replacing the conventional escalators. Forget the idea of stopping and eating treats.
5 – Play game
A game interactive video game is a good thing to burn calories at home. Choose between golf games, bowling, tennis, and especially dance. According to Dean Piazza, director of Get Fit and Home Gym Equipment , an option that keeps a person moving eliminates 200 calories in half an hour.
6 – Take care of the garden
take care of the garden. “Working outdoors for 45 minutes is equivalent to burning 200 calories,” said Piazza. Do not forget the sunscreen, right?

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Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

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Everyone wants to lose weight safely and naturally, and with raspberry ketones you can. They’re clinically proven to help turn on the body’s natural mechanisms for burning fat, and many people have had a lot of success with it. If you watch Dr. Oz you’ve seen him talk about it, and fitness guru Lisa Lynn can’t get enough of talking about it. Here we’re going to talk about how raspberry ketones work, the benefits and if they’re the right choice for you.

How do Raspberry Ketones Work?

The compounds present in this kind of ketone spikes the production of a protein called adiponectin in the liver, helping trigger the body’s natural fat burning processes. This is naturally kicked in during starvation, large bursts of exercise, any time when the body needs energy to survive. It also helps with regulating glucose; this is what metabolizes fat. So if you’re able to trigger these kinds of metabolic processes you’ll be able to lose weight without major lifestyle or diet changes.

What are the Benefits of Raspberry Ketones?

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll find with this system:

  • Steady weight loss of 2 to 5lbs per week
  • Fast and natural weight loss, helping you decide when you’ve reached your goal
  • Clinically proven to help metabolize fat with minimal side effects

Are There Side Effects from Using Raspberry Ketones?

Raspberry ketones occur in nature and thousands of people have reported success without any side effects. The benefits stacked up next to other types of weight loss systems show this kind of ketone to be safe, natural and effective with zero side effects.

Is it Right for You?

Raspberry Ketones give you a way to achieve your weight loss goals at your own pace. You can modify your diet and add in extra activity to get more weight loss, or you can just lose weight without stressing. You’ll be able to try it risk free for a week and see if it works for you; with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee you’ll be able to get the benefits without taking all the risk. All you have to lose is the weight, so check it out today!

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It is beautiful to see the animals and grow plants. And rewarding to contribute to its development and prosperity. But modern life driven by binding together the people around large cities and surrounding cement, automobiles and highways, rural life and farming are becoming more distant and unknown things How many children have been growing at a hen laying an egg or milk a cow? Maybe you have never seen a farm animal “real” and known only through images in books or on television. How many people have planted or picked and not a crop, but the fruit of a single seedling? Yet more than ever, people are more aware of what is brought to the mouth and more aware of the use of pesticides, hormones and additives that are added to foods, and that may have an impact directly on their health.

People who buy organic products fundamentally seek two things: food production greener and make it more safe to consume. But with ever-rising costs, is it worth the price of organic food?

Every time you visit the grocery store and plan your menu, you have the option to purchase an organic product and the same type but conventionally grown. Why the price difference? First, the organic food crop regulated. Farmers need special certifications to sell their products as organic, and to obtain them must keep records of production, use land that has not been chemically treated for at least three years, to use organic seeds and comply with regulations that prevent pollution crops.

Greater control of the means of production, means more cost to the producer is then extended to the consumer, but in exchange it receives the following benefits:

  • Instead of using fungicides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers é t ic to combat pests, farmers must use natural m e t ll as traps, barriers and insect predators (which is powered from the plague that is to fight). Therefore, you need not worry that you waste qu ic t m a s c on face, leaves and other parts of fruits, vegetables and plants.
  • S addition to, not have to worry because the product was produced by a gene engineering é í t ica. (That this, according to many experts is pol é m ico, believing that gives cause health lis sa).
  • The Livestock animals I to have grown conventionally, usually received hormones and antibiotic or t ic that can be passed to the meat (beef, pork or chicken), eggs or milk you consume daily . The use of hormones and antibiotic or t ic is not allowed when it comes to livestock cr org í á n ico.
  • Many claim that the products are org to n ic m a s a s ym healthy nutritious than conventional, but there is no evidence cient i f ica that this is true. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), also supports this belief, dose limit as s to n or l or certify a product as org to n ico or not, and to maintain levels of pesticide use within the l i m ites considered safe, as i as the residues in foods.

The decision to pay the extra price, which in the U.S. can range between 50% and 100% more than the conventional product, is at the discretion of the consumer. To counteract the effect on the total purchase, experts advise that the budget you can spend on buying organic products so invest in those who eat more often, or only those with the highest concentration of pesticides. Also consider selecting organic products for food of pregnant women, infants, the elderly and, in general, people whose immune systems are compromised or developing and may be more susceptible to additives and residues pesticides.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG for its acronym in English), a nonprofit organization based in Washington, United States, dedicated to information and consumer protection, specifically recommends buying organic products in the case of vegetables or fruit that is consumed more frequently. It has also prepared a list of those products with the most pesticide residues to allow consumers to opt for the organic version whenever possible. According to the EWG, fruits and vegetables ranked according to the greater or lesser amount of insecticides in U.S. markets are:

  • With more residues of pesticides: apples, celery, strawberries (strawberries), peaches (peaches), spinach, nectarines (imported), grapes (imported), bell peppers, potatoes, blue ar damage to n (dom é s Ticos) and lettuce. Whenever possible, the recommen ation is that buy to n ic org.
  • The level m to s low of insecticides: onion, sweet ma z í, ñ to pi (anan to s), avocado (avocado), Eng r Rago, green beans (green beans, green beans), mango, eggplant, beets, Cantaloupe (dom é s tico), kiwi, spinach, sand hy, grapefruit, fungi (mushrooms).

Find the original stamp

To give you the assurance that a product is truly organic in the United States, looking for the seal of the Department of Agriculture (USDA for its acronym in English), a circle with the inscription USDA ORGANIC (or the equivalent in your country) which ensures that the product was grown / grown by the standards of that agency. If “natural”, “hormone free,” ”free-range” (meaning that the animal has not grown in cages and have been wandering), means just that, no question of an organic product. So you can understand the term “organic”, here’s a short list that you may find helpful when selecting foods:

  • 100% to n ico org: means it does not contain synthetic ingredients can e t ic and be stamped by the USDA
  • Org ico n: means the food has a m i n imum of 95% of ingredients to n ic org. É n can also carry the USDA seal.
  • Prepared with ingredients to n ic org: means the product contains at least 70% of ingredients to n ic org. These products can not use the USDA seal.
  • Meat, eggs, poultry and products l a c TEOS labeled “O rg to n ic” must come from animals that have never received no antibiotic or t ic or growth hormones.

Do not feel bad if your family budget does not allow you to purchase these products. There are steps you can take to limit exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.

  • Wash with a kitchen brush the surface of pears and apples before eating, even if you peel them.
  • Brush also Appen tap water under the surface of the potatoes and other r é ass tub to remove any dirt, dirt and pesticide residues
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water (hot water may be), celery leaves, lettuce and other vegetables. Do not use jab or n. S addition to pesticides, also eliminate é n s waste land or pebbles.
  • Buy local products obtained m to s fresh
  • É n also purchase products or n station are m to s econom ic and have not kept in refrigeration needed or n

Use all this information the next time you go grocery shopping to make your decisions and prepare all your meals with the highest possible quality and safety